Friends Help Friends

Inform news about activities 📢 Notify members of the Hua Hin Music Club Due to P’Ped Bluesman (Hua Hin Musician, Director of Hua Hin Business Club Soi 94) had an accident that broke his leg. until unable to work who is currently resting in Hua Hin Hospital Currently, it costs a lot of money to maintain. For this reason, the members of the Hua Hin Music Club It should be seen that there is an intention to organize activities “Friends Heal Friends” up

🎈at the RockZone HuaHin94 shop in Sunday 13 August 2023 18.00-24.00

To take all the income from the tip box. Without deducting the expenses, it will be given to Ped for further medical treatment.

So we ask for cooperation from all musician brothers and sisters. Which band is convenient to join this event? You can make a request at 👉Tham Rockzone tel.080-5503399 👉 P’Nueng (club president)

Many thanks🙏

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