Hua Hin Music Festival – 20 March 2021

Enjoy some of the best live bands at Hua Hin Live Music Festival. Outside stage with great music and cold drinks.

Starting at 16.00 until 22.00. Tickets sold at El Toro Loco and RockZone 200 baht.

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Hua Hin Music Festival March 2021

The latest Hua Hin Music Festival took place in January 2021 at El Toro Loco – another great venue for rock music in Hua Hin.

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The “new” Rockzone – following a dream

When Thailand locked down in March 2020 due to Covid 19, Tam had to close RockZone at the old location on Soi 94. He did that with a bleeding heart but he saw no other way than closing down. At that time, nobody knew what would happen or how long the country would be locked down.

9 months later, beginning of December, Tam found a good place in a good location just a couple of hundred meters from Soi 94 along the railroad.

The place was a former restaurant in the old “Racing” area where there had been a go-cart track earlier.

Tam had his head full of ideas and dreams for his new bar and although it took much longer to renovate the place than expected, the new Rockzone slowly took form.

Here are some pictures from the process to enjoy.

The open front of the building

The backside of the building
Inside the old restaurant
Everything open

The renovating started beginning of December 2020
Building the new bar desk
Very eager to start decorating
Finally, the bar could be closed
Custom made horn speakers built into the stage – a gift from a friend
Making sure that no unwanted sounds come from the stage structure
The finished stage – a huge victory
Putting up side speakers
Almost ready to go
Ready to Rock and Roll
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